Homebot for Buyers

Welcome to Homebot Home Search, where homebuying gets a whole lot smarter and simpler! With us, you not only get to explore homes for sale but also enjoy a unique twist.

Picture this:

  • personalized financial insights right on each listing. These insights are your secret sauce for easily gauging affordability and investment potential.
  • We’ll analyze the listing’s data, your budget, and market trends, so you can make informed decisions while house-hunting.

Homebot Buyer Tutorial

This interactive investor-grade experience is sent automatically to Buyer clients each month with content about:

  • Market conditions and neighborhood filters for where they’re house hunting

  • Realistic expectations about a move timeline, property costs, and home details

  • What’s an affordable price point at current interest rates



For buyers: From their monthly market report email, clients have links that will take them into the Market Explorer in Homebot, Homebot for Chrome, or to a listing in Homebot Home Search.


  • When a client has saved a search in a specified zip code, their buyer email will include direct links to for-sale homes in that area.

  • In Homebot, the “Find a Home” button and the “Search Homes” option in the dropdown will take them directly to the Homebot Home Search homepage.