Oh no, I can’t believe I let National Prosecco Day slip through my fingers like that! But fear not, my fellow fizz enthusiast, because today we’re going to stage a sparkling comeback, okay? Drumroll, please… introducing the one and only #RaspberryLimonProsecco
Move over, basic bubbly, because this concoction is about to steal the summer spritzer spotlight. #Fizztastic


Picture this: you’re the host with the most, whether it’s a girls’ night that’s more fabulous than a unicorn in sequins, a holiday bash that even Santa would crash, or just you, yourself, and an epic Netflix marathon after a day that left you more frazzled than a bedhead in a windstorm. #PartyRoyalty

And the best part? This raspberry razzle-dazzle is a cinch to whip up. Seriously, you’ll need just four ingredients that even your pet rock could handle. #EasyPeasySip


So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the delicious details below and let’s turn today into our own bubbly bonanza! Cheers to Prosecco redemption! 🥂 #SparklingComeback
1 bottle Prosecco
1 cup Limoncello
1 cup raspberries, muddled
2 lemons
Coat the rim of a stemless wine glass with sugar.
At the bottom of the wine glass, muddle approximately 4-5 fresh raspberries. Fill glass half way with prosecco, then fill other half with limoncello.